Tarabya is a unique neighbourhood in Istanbul, famous for its picturesque harbour, fish restaurants, green landscape and breathtaking views over the Bosphorus. The legendary Bosphorus, known as “The Necklace of the World” divides Istanbul. As it flows by, radiating its spellbinding glitter on both shores, it connects the Black Sea to the Mediterrennean via the Sea of Marmara

The Grand Tarabya is on the European shores of the Bosphorus, on the north end of the Tarabya Bay which resembles a horseshoe when seen from above. Imagine standing at the window of your hotel room on European soil, viewing the Asian shores about a mile ahead of you.

Almost all of The Grand Tarabya rooms are with either Bosphorus view or Tarabya Bay marina view. Majority of the rooms have balcony which offer unique city resort ambiance. The only city hotel in Istanbul which is an easily accessible heaven for yachtsmen from all around the world, with a brand new yacht harbour located next to the hotel.